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KB4056892, the Windows 10 patch to address Meltdown/Spectre installed on my laptop – Performance results are…

There has been a lot of speculation that the software patches to OS’s to address the Meltdown, Spectre could result in a 30 percent performance decrease . The update installed on my laptop on Jan 3rd and the results are..

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A Windows 10 patch that is supposed to address Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities. BEWARE IF YOU HAVE AN AMD PROCESSOR

Windows has released a patch, January 3, 2018—KB4056892 (OS Build 16299.192), that is supposed to help address the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities.. BUT some owners of AMD based machines are reporting crashes.

This thing is turning into a giant mess. The microsoft update January 3, 2018—KB4056892 (OS Build 16299.192) is supposed to patch the Meltdown/Spectre vulnerabilities. It doesn’t say so directly but the following in the KB article seems to indicate that is one of the features of the update.

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Cert links to guidance from manufacturers affected by Meltdown and Spectre

Cert has published links to guidance from vendors regarding Meltdown and Spectre. It includes Amazon AWS, Android and numerous other vendors. You almost certainly have to apply the patches but the performance impact is hideous (30 percent).
See the CERT bulletin for details. 

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With Meltdown and Spectre what happens to pending server purchases and how will companies address the performance issues of patches?

Spectre is hitting servers especially hard. The software updates to protect the servers are causing performance issues. In other words, when a patch is applied to address the vulnerability, performance decreases perhaps 30 percent.

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Meltdown and Spectre – Intel CEO reportedly sold over three quarter of a million shares AFTER learning of the vulnerabilities.

According to an article by an article on CNBC,  Intel’s CEO reportedly sold shares after the company already knew about massive security flaws. 

He made something like 25 MILLION in the deal.

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Meltdown and Spectre – You might NOT have to replace all of your hardware.

The analysis and assessments of the Spectre and Meltdown threats are still coming in. This is something that both business owners and individuals should keep a close eye on.

To recap, these exploits allow an attacker to ‘see’ data  from other applications running on your systems.  This is a HUGE screwup of epic proportions on the part of the chip and software designers.

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