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Add Faveicons to your WordPress site

I fell into a bit of a rabbit hole. I previously had not bothered to create faveicons for my WordPress Sites. I was doing some work with the Redirection plugin and saw a lot of 404 entries for apple-touch faveicons. As I dove in I realized I should add them. 

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InPixio Photo Eraser

InPixio Photo Eraser solved a common problem for me. I have a couple of location blogs. I often need to take photos where unwanted  people or objects are in the photos (Like my inlaws.. ooops, just kidding).   I was editing unwanted objects out with GIMP (An open source Photoshop work alike). I saw some ads for the InPixio product and decided to give it a shot. It turned out to be a great investment. 


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Protecting your blog and website images with a watermark with a GIMP plugin

As I started to resurrect my blogs, I realized that I was posting images without a watermark. The sad fact is that people can and will steal the result of your effort and use it as their own for their own profit.

One simple technique is to watermark your images. This involves putting text or an image on your image. There are a couple of ways to do this.

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Adding icons for editing, deleting and saving records in Ruby on Rails

When you are working with Ruby on Rails and run a scaffold, you will have edit and destroy options on each resulting record in the index for that particular scaffold. The edit and destroy links are simply link_to’s that point to the appropriate action. The issue is that the words ‘edit’ and ‘destroy’ or ‘delete’ will sometimes take up some valuable real estate.

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