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Verizon FIOS Copyright violation notice. DEALING WITH MORONS

I called Verizon today to see if I could get a cheaper plan for the house phone that did not have fios on it. When I called, I got a message that there was an alleged copyright infringement.

Well, I found out I can’t get anything less than about $50 a month with caller ID.

I tried to find out what was going on with the copyright infringement thing. SO FAR I HAVE WASTED TWO PRECIOUS HOURS OF MY LIFE trying to get to the bottom of this. Continue reading

Irony Defined – Liberal Huffpost hires Riaa CEO and then hijacks artist’s work

Liberals – Gotta love them.

First of all, the Huffington Post hired Hilary Rosen, a former CEO of RIAA, as their ‘political director’. RIAA has been employing draconian methods aimed at trying to ‘prevent piracy’ such as filing hundred thousand dollar lawsuits against Harlem grandmothers who don’t even own a computer. (huffpost puffpeice on rosen) Continue reading

Patrick Murphy D-PA votes for forfieture of your home if your kids download music

Patrick Murphy, Democrat of Pennsylvania has voted AYE on a House bill that would essentially allow the government to confiscate your home if your kids download a couple of songs.

Yep, you got that right. If your 12 year old downloads a couple of songs, you can lose everything. If one of your kid’s friends comes over regularly and uses your wifi, some bloated pig like Michael Moore can start procceedings that will throw you out on the street and cause you to lose your medical coverage and leave you penniless. Continue reading

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