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IE7 – High CPU Usage and slow response under vista

I have been noticing a gradual deterioration of web browsing performance on my laptop. It was getting to the point where using ie7 was getting counterproductive.

I noticed that the Windows Task Manager was showing IE7 using about 50 percent or more of the CPU, peaking at near 100 percent. Loading some pages I visit regularly would result in very choppy scrolling. I would also find that typing things into the pages was getting slow. Continue reading

Help files and Vista

I purchased a copy of Core FTP Pro. It is a decent app overall. The problem was that when I tried to look at the help file, I got a message that Vista doesn’t have the necessary file to read the help files.. HUh?? The engineers put all kinds of bells and whistles on vista hut you can’t read help files?

Fortunately, there is a solution from MS. YOu can download a small file for vista that will allow you to view your help files.. imagine that.. People might actually want to RTFM.

MS Backup is NOT included in Vista Home Premium – Implications

I just installed a buffalo Linkstation Network addressable storage device. That is working really well and is giving me 500GB of Raid1 Storage. I was in the process of copying files from my ancient and wheezy HP desktop. What had happened was that I had previously moved a couple of gigabytes of files of lesser importance to an Iomega 250 GB hard drive.

By the time I got around to copying from the Iomega, I found that the drive had died. No problem, being a tech savvy computer guru type, I had a backup of the files on another drive that was created with MS Backup on my old XP machine. … HOWEVER, Vista Home Premium does not include the backup utility. The machine cannot read the BKF files. Continue reading

Vista search – You need to search how to search

I needed to do something REALLY simple – All I wanted to do was show which files in a folder and it’s subfolders had been modified after a certain date.

The problem was trying to get to the advanced search. I finally found what I wanted but I’m not sure exactly how I got there. The search engine has some nifty boolean type modifiers IF you know how to use them. I finally just did a dumb search and then got the “advanced search” link at the bottom. That wasn’t showing what I wanted until I realized that my dumb search was still in the search box… ie. 123 modified:7/1/08 All I had to do was get rid of the 123 and I was OK. Continue reading

Outlook XP (2002) and Vista Home Premium won’t play nicely

Let’s file this one under Vista and Rants.

I’m on the road and I’m trying ot get Outlook XP to run under Vista Home Premium. So far, I have succeeded in connecting where it deleted the messages from the server but never downloaded them. Cute – 100+ messages up in smoke. The good news was that at least 90 of the messages were spam. Continue reading

Laptop Crash and Burn Recovery

I’m finally getting my HP dx6000 noteback back to where it was. The crash of the C drive was a royal pain.

I did manage to get the crashed drive running using the recovery partition. That wiped out all the installed apps but I was able to reinstall what I needed. In addition, I will now be able to pop that drive back in and get rid of any personal information. Continue reading

Vista SP1 – DANGER Will Robinson – Danger

Well, Vista has finally accumulated enough patches to warrant Service Pack 1. (SP1).

According to Microsoft SP1 will do all sorts of great and wonderful things such as “supporting new types of hardware, and adding support for several emerging standards. ” I hope the new standards aren’t DRM related…. Continue reading

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