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Windows 7

Workaround for scanning issues with a Sharp MX-C311 and WIndows 7

We were upgrading an office to Win7 machines from Win XP machines. (Sept 2012). The office used a Sharp Multifunction Printer for scanning and printing. Setting up the printing went smoothly. However, when we tried to set up the scanning from the MFP to the individual Win 7 machines, we were getting a CE-00 network error. We tried setting up a machine without Norton Antivirus but that only resulted in the error changing to a ‘could not find server’ error. Continue reading

“Access is denied” trying to re install an HP1102w on Windows 7 – SOLVED

After a thunderstorm last night, I found that I could not print to my HP 1102W Laserjet Professional.

I tried deleting the printer from the control panel. When I tried to reinstall it, the procedure failed with “Not enough memory” if I tried to reinstall the driver and “Access is denied” if I tried to keep the existing driver. Continue reading

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