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Windows 8

Add Faveicons to your WordPress site

I fell into a bit of a rabbit hole. I previously had not bothered to create faveicons for my WordPress Sites. I was doing some work with the Redirection plugin and saw a lot of 404 entries for apple-touch faveicons. As I dove in I realized I should add them. 

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Microsoft allows manufacturers to install crapware that COMES BACK EVEN AFTER A CLEAN INSTALL

I can’t imagine what microsoft is thinking..  Windows 8 and 10 allows manufacturers to install crapware … AND… UNBELIEVABLY… set up the firmware so that the crapware reinstalls itself if you do a clean install of windows..


Windows 10 will force updates on home users.

Howtogeek published an article detailing how Microsoft will FORCE updates on users of home versions.

It appears that Microsoft is forcing users of Home versions to be beta testers before the updates are rolled out to Business (Professional versions).

I see a number of issues with this Continue reading

Microsoft is ending Server 2003 support

Microsoft has announce that it will be ending support for Server 2003 on July 14 , 2015.

If you continue to run Server 2003 beyond this date your network becomes increasingly vulnerable to hackers as updates will no longer be available  This can leave businesses open to civil and criminal actions in addition to the damage caused by being hacked. Continue reading

Dual Booting Windows 8 and WIndows XP

With the end of life of Windows XP, a lot of people are moving to Windows 8.1. However, with the economy, many people are hoping to hang on to their current computers. IF your system is capable, you might be able to set up a dual boot so you can go back into XP for data.


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Windows 8 without a touch screen is like an ice cream sundae without the ice cream

A lot of people will be purchasing computers over the upcoming Christmas season. Most of the retail stores are only offering Windows 8 and are not offering Windows 7.

Windows 8 makes some radical departures in it’s user interface. You can revert back to the more classic Windows interface for many tasks. One of the forces driving the new design is that Windows 8 is designed for use with a touch screen. Continue reading

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