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Dual Booting Windows 8 and WIndows XP

With the end of life of Windows XP, a lot of people are moving to Windows 8.1. However, with the economy, many people are hoping to hang on to their current computers. IF your system is capable, you might be able to set up a dual boot so you can go back into XP for data.


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Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP on 4 8 2014

Microsoft has announced that they are ending support for Windows XP on 4 8 2014.

This means that updates will no longer be available. That will leave you vulnerable to malware and exploits. In addition, you may find that you will have problems with drivers for hardware. Microsoft extended the end of support for Windows 98 but don’t count on that happening again. Continue reading

Mybook 500 GB, XP and a temporary black screen of death

I almost freaked the other day. Things were really hectic and my weezy old XP machine was running out of hard drive space. I had a couple of gigs of my own video that I could move off to regain some hard drive space.

I purchased a mybook 500GB usb hard drive. It plugged in fine and the drivers installed. I was able to transfer the files with no problem. Continue reading

Outlook XP (2002) and Vista Home Premium won’t play nicely

Let’s file this one under Vista and Rants.

I’m on the road and I’m trying ot get Outlook XP to run under Vista Home Premium. So far, I have succeeded in connecting where it deleted the messages from the server but never downloaded them. Cute – 100+ messages up in smoke. The good news was that at least 90 of the messages were spam. Continue reading

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