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InPixio Photo Eraser

InPixio Photo Eraser solved a common problem for me. I have a couple of location blogs. I often need to take photos where unwanted  people or objects are in the photos (Like my inlaws.. ooops, just kidding).   I was editing unwanted objects out with GIMP (An open source Photoshop work alike). I saw some ads for the InPixio product and decided to give it a shot. It turned out to be a great investment. 


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Embedding a youtube video in Joomla without using a video extension and disabling related videos at the end.

I needed to include a Youtube video on a client’s site. The client didn’t want the ‘related videos’ to show when the video was complete.

I tried the SP Simple Youtube extension from Joomshaper. That worked well except I couldn’t see how to stop the related videos.

In an article I discussed how you could use a wrapper to embed a youtube video in a site. It appears that the same method will work for a regular Joomla site. The video appears to be responsive. Continue reading

How to embed a youtube video in a site is a website builder from the folks. They have partnered with siteground to provide a hosted Joomla solution. is a very limited platform. It lacks the ability to use extensions that regular Joomla sites have but it is a way to provide a low cost Joomla based site.

See Our web design page for a comparison of regular Joomla sites with sites. Continue reading

Finding a bad extension in chrome

Chrome had been hijacked on my machine. If I would search google for something, clicking on the google serps resulting in being taken to an order page for the product. For example, I was looking for info on Symantec Endpoint Protection and would get a page to order SEP, not the actual forums from the google serps.

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Wikipedia Blackout in protest of the Stop anti piracy legislation

Wikipedia is staging a blackout on Wednesday Jan 18 in protest of the STOP piracy act. The stop piracy act is an insane move by the coke snorting, heroin using hollywood degenerates to grab every penny then can, legitimately or otherwise.

The STOP act is a bi-partisan cluster fark. Those who received large amounts of money from the entertainment industry supported this unconstitutional bill. Continue reading

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