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Low cost temporary fix for Palm Digitizer drift

My Palm Zire 31 has been experiencing some drift in the digitizer which has required almost daily digitizer recalibration. Today it would not calibrate properly. No matter what I did, the point it though I was touching was about 1mm below where I was actually touching with the stylus. When I tried to calibrate and hit the targets, it would not calibrate. The only way to get out of that screen was to tap the top of the targets.

I did some checking and downloaded one of the software digitizer calibration fixes, Digifix. That behaved exactly like the built in digitizer calibrator. I tried removing the screen protector film and cleaning the screen with a damp cloth… No luck there either.

I have been keeping my Palm in an aluminum Palm case. Once in a while, I drop the Palm, either when it’s in its case or not in its case. I thought about it and decided a couple of taps on the top or bottom edge might work.

NOTE – This may damage your Palm or void your warranty. Use at your own risk. It might also put a ding in your beautiful dining room set so be careful.

Anyway, what I did was to open up the Note Pad application, which is really a drawing app. I could see that the lines were forming OK on the horizontal axis. I tapped the unit on either the top or bottom 3 times with a sharp but gentle tap(Unfortunately, I can’t remember which). The one way didn’t change anything so I tried the other way. IT WORKED!!!.

I re-ran the digitizer calibration and everything seems to be OK.

Keep in mind that this is probably only a temporary fix and may end up killing your handheld. On the other hand, I’m up to my ears in alligators so this will buy me some time.

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