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Vista Home Premium and USB Hubs

Vista continues to offer nasty surprises.

I previously had a bad experience with a client where I connected a USB hub that we had just purchased. Apparently the hub purchased from Radio Shack did not have Vista drivers and resulted in a Blue Screen of Death necessitating a repair of Vista. That took over an hour that we did not bill the client for. Who would have though that connecting a USB hub would almost prove fatal?

Well, I’m on the road with a new laptop running Vista Home Premium. It’s a decent machine but it only has 2 usb ports. One of them has my Chill Mat connected. I wanted to plug in my Sierra USB Aircard and a printer. So, I grabbed a mini 4 port hub I’ve been using with my old XP machine. In the back of my mind was the thoughts that you get when watching a horror movie… “Don’t go in there!!!”.. When I plugged the mini hub in and then plugged the aircard, which was working previously, I got a Blue Screen of Death. Reboot resulted in a Black screen of nothingness. Another reboot and things are working OK. Geez folks, IT’S JUST A STEENKING USB 4 PORT HUB… Not a drive, not a printer.. just a steeenking hub.

Anyway, I was lucky that things came back up without a reboot.

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