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Ambiguity – Microsoft’s guided help for corrupted XP registries

Dang, I really hate tech writers who write ambiguous articles.

I have a client’s laptop where the registry was hosed. The machine won’t boot and gives a classic corrupted registry/hive error.

I found the appropriate article in Microsoft’s knowledge base to address the issue entitled How to recover from a corrupted registry that prevents Windows XP from starting

There’s something new in there that I haven’t noticed before, the ‘guided help’ option. Overall, it looks pretty cool. HOWEVER, the writer left one piece of info out. The guided help says you need to install and run it as an admin. The article addresses a machine that is dead, caput, lifeless, inert, non functional.. OK, is it possible to run the guided help on a machine that won’t boot windows?? If so, how do you do that.

Also, the guided help info says to install on a removeable medium such as USB. Does that also mean that the guided help will write to a CD?

For now, I’m going to do it the hard (manual) way.. I’m also going to schedule some clarvoyance classes with Madam Esmerelda to see if I can read the minds out at Redmond.

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