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Merrie Olde England – Circling the drain

It seems that England is becoming more and more of a Nanny state with every passing moment.

One of their theme parks has forbidden parents from using PDAs, smart phones and the like.

From The Sun:

A THEME park has banned adults from using pocket computers – so they spend more time having fun with their kids.
Any parent seen tapping on a PDA will have it confiscated by special wardens at Alton Towers

Wait a minute – Who won WWII? This sounds more like “You Vill NOT use der PersonalKomputenGelfanger or Ve Vill Schooot Yoo Between der Eyes Schwienhunt. Paaapers Pleeese!!”

First of all, my phone and PDA have sensitive information, although it is password protected. I would never hand it over to some lackey theme park employee. In today’s world it is often necessary to keep in touch. Parents could be doing something as simple as texting the babysitter at home to see how the other kids are doing.

At any rate, I’m going to cross Looney Land off my list of places to visit if I ever get to take a trip across the pond.

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