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Outlook XP (2002) and Vista Home Premium won’t play nicely

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Let’s file this one under Vista and Rants.

I’m on the road and I’m trying ot get Outlook XP to run under Vista Home Premium. So far, I have succeeded in connecting where it deleted the messages from the server but never downloaded them. Cute – 100+ messages up in smoke. The good news was that at least 90 of the messages were spam.

The reason I want outlook to work is that when I am on the road I like to have access to all of my contacts, tasks, calendars and old emails. During the summer, I don’t like to leave the desktop running due to the heat. (I’m not going to air condition an entire house for one computer). What I did with my old laptop was to simply copy my current PST file to the laptop and then connect outlook to that PST file. Viola – I had everything that I needed.

One of the problems is that it seems that Outlook will not store your password due to the fact that the method of storing passwords used by outlook XP is not supported under Vista. That should mean that you have to enter the password every you open outlook.

The problem that is annoying though, is that every time I use outlook to connect to my pop3 server it creates a poplock and will not process the messages. I have to call the hosting company to remove the lockfile. I’m going to have to install Putty if I do it myself since the lockfile is hidden and most ftp apps won’t see it.. They said it appears that outlook is somehow creating multiple pop3 logins and causing the lock.

It looks like I have a couple of possible paths to take.

  • Keep screwing around trying to get outlook XP to work under Vista Home Premium. I can do that or I can do billable hours.
  • Look into a hosted exchange solution. That runs into a few bucks each year but may be worth it.
  • Upgrade to Outlook 2007. First of all, I don’t like the interface. Also, I’m not sure if I will end up running into other issues with this.
  • One other alternative is to try to use my gmail account for outgoing emails in outlook. The one drawback is that some people might reply to the gmail account athough the reply-to setting in the email account setup should take care of this.

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