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Vista Insanity – Not all printers are listed when printing

First of all, I HATE the new gallery instead of the old Picture and Fax viewer.

That being said, I was simply trying to print a couple of JPGs of some documents I scanned. I went to the folder, selected the documents and chose Print.. Should be simple, eh??

Well, Not for the the geniuses from Microsoft… I’m using my laptop and trying to print to an HP laserjet 1012 on a linksys print server. All the XP machines are fine with that. However, when I try to print from my laptop running Vista Home Premium, the printer is not listed. It is listed in the Control Panel under printers, but it does not show up in the Print dialog when you try to print from a folder.

I checked around on the ‘net and it seems it is a known problem. HOWEVER, there does not seem to be a solution. One guy mentioned trying to install your networked printer via a USB cable and then change the printer port. I haven’t tried this. Also, HP has a universal printer driver that I might try. Right now, I need to get back to being productive

So, this gives me great confidence in VISTA… All of the little details such as printing work seamlessly. … Oops, no they don’t , however, they do have a nify option now of “ordering prints”.. I AM JUST TRYING TO PRINT A FREAKING DOCUMENT I SCANNED IN..


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