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Oddball Network problem with Quickbooks and other apps

I was going nuts the other day. We are using Quickbooks 2006. The setup is that it is on my desktop computer upstairs. I also have a copy on the desktop downstairs. The Data resides on the upstairs machine. Everything worked well until we took a little trip and came back.

All of a sudden I could not open the company file from the downstairs machine. I could open it fine from the upstairs machine. I was getting errors that Quickbooks could not open the company file. I would also get a ” Path too deep” error when trying to copied files on a shared folder on the upstairs machine.

I checked the firewalls, updated both copies of quickbooks, verified the data file etc.

As I was working, I remembered that I had trouble accessing a shared folder on the upstairs machine the previous night. As I double checked, the network connectivity to the upstairs machine. It finally dawned on me. The problem wasn’t with Quickbooks, it was a networking issue. I have a 5 port switch and a USB print server with a 4 port switch upstairs. I repowered both of those and the problems disappeared.

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