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Verizon droid freezing screen if USB is connected after market updates

My verizon droid phone was working great until yesterday. I updated a bunch of my apps via the Market.

Later on that night I noticed:

  • When I connected the droid to a charger, it would freeze the screen. In other words, the screen was not responsive to inputs. As soon as I disconnect the charger, the phone is fine.
  • When I connected the droid to the laptop I use to sync with, the laptop slowed to a crawl. The task manager on the laptop only showed about 25 percent CPU usage. As soon as I disconnected from the USB, things got back to normal.

The particulars are
  • The provider is verizon
  • The OS is at the latest version (Gingerbread)
  • I have a LOT of apps from the market.  I’m not sure which apps were updated.

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