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Ebay online petition against Internet Sales Tax

If you are an ebay member, you might want to consider their Mainstreet community. It is an advocacy group for ebay members.

Right now, the congresscritters are thinking about subjecting online sales to sales tax. Small online businesses will have to collect, report and remit sales taxes for over 7500 jurisdictions.

If you are a mainstreet member, ebay will send a letter to your congresscritters on your behalf.

It is worth getting involved. Congress will be desperate to find ways to fund the trillion dollar debacle they call the ‘stimulus package’ along with the other 3 trillion being spend in the first 100 days of this administration. They say their plan is to ‘tax the rich’ However, even if they confiscated all of the wealth of the so called rich it wouldn’t begin to make a dent in this spending spree.

So, you can take a look at Ebay Mainstreet here. If you already have an ebay account, the signup is simple.

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