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Samsung Saga – First impressions

I just traded up from my LG Envy to a Samsung Saga.

I wanted to accomplish a couple of things with this.

  1. Be able to access a couple of key sites through the phone: google adsense, adwords, go2mypc, ecollege.
  2. Have better all around browsing capabilities. IE to be able to use the device to do some web searching while at clients
  3. Be able to mobile blog.
  4. Not have to have a seperate PDA for contact information.
  5. Have better access to my email accounts.
  6. To a lesser extent, have the worldphone GSM capability.

Some of the blackberrys seemed to not have the ability to work with some of the sites I need to work with. I have access to all of the sites now except ecollege. I have a call into their tech support to see if we can get it to work.

The web browsing is great. I currently have Opera and Explorer as browsers. I’m mainly using Opera but there are some sites that will only run under Explorer

I haven’t tried mobile blogging but it looks like things will work great. Having a real browser makes life a lot easier. I should be able to take photos and upload then right to the blog

The Saga is a great PDA. Office Mobile is included. In addition, I have my Outlook Contacts loaded

The email seems to be working great. When I set up my one pop3 account, I made absolutely sure to “Leave the messages on the server”. More about that in a later post.

I haven’t tried the world phone part of it yet. It seems that it will work great and I should be able to get the international data plan on a weekly basis. IE. I can dump the international data when I return.

I did find that it seemed to be draining the batteries quickly. The guy at the store suggested shutting down the wifi connection when it isn’t needed. That solved the problem. You still want to have some ability to recharge on the road via either a car charger or the USB cable for your laptop (or usb power supply)

All in all, I’m really happy with it. I just set up the voice recognition which will allow hands free operation.

Look for future posts with a lot more details under the Samsung Saga tag

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