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Verizon FIOS – A wireless SSID mystery solved – Two SSIDs showing

I’m on about my fourth Actiontec router from Verizon Fios. It was working fine until today. I was just using my Samsung Saga as a calculator when a message came up asking for my key.

A little bit later I found

  1. The router had reset. When I logged onto it, it was asking me to set a password
  2. My network was showing.
  3. I was connected using my normal SSID (A) with my wireless laptop.
  4. When I went into the Basement, my samsung Saga was showing a weak signal for my SSID of (A) but showing a strong signal for the SSID on the router label.
  5. The wireless settings in the router were showing the (B) SSID, not the one I had Set (A)

This was getting a bit confusing. How could my wireless laptop have a connection on my SSID (A) when it appeared that was no longer on the router. I had Verizon escalate it and the tech agreed that what I was seeing was impossible. I had to agree.

As we were talking, it hit me. I had a secondary Wireless access point set up using my SSID (A), which is near the laptop. Now, it made sense. The WAP was the one with my SSID. The router had been reset. I went back into the router and reset the SSID and Key and everything is back to normal.

The question remains as to why the router reset. We have ordered FIOS TV so perhaps the verizon people reset it for some reason. This could be a pain as I have some port forwarding set up which also got reset. Once I get it back to normal, I’ll print that page out and hang it near the router and keep a copy on my laptop

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