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Windows Mobile – Can’t send Email

I ran into a problem with my Samsung Saga running Windows Mobile 6.1. I was in a location where I was using wireless and the wireless provider had blocked the email ports. I thought “No problem, I’ll just send this when I get outside”. I was still getting the error that “The message(s) cannot be sent…”

I played around with my email provider to no avail. I found the only way to fix the problem was to delete the email account from my phone and re-create it. That certainly is not an optimal fix.

It was getting to the point of really killing productivity so I took a look into it. I found that there is a Windows Hotfix that addresses the issue for Windows Mobile 6.1

I opted to download the CAB file and copy it to my device. After I ran it, it seems that the email issue is finally fixed. You can check out the Microsoft email fix page for more informaiton

So far it seems to work for me. Your mileage may vary.

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