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Verifying a blogger hosted blog in google webmaster tools and submitting a sitemap

Google recently ended FTP hosting for blogs. We went throught the conversion process with no problem.

One of the side effects of the change was that the blogs were now at  instead of

The first step was to set up a new site in webmaster tools for the blog. That involved simply creating a new site in WMT of . The verification appeared to be a little tricky. With the new hosting, we weren’t sure if it was possible to add a file. You can also verify via a DNS record which would probably be a more elegant solution. However, we didn’t have the time to work through that. The easiest way was to set up a meta tag. We are using the layout tools with the gadgets. All we needed to do was select EDIT HTML and paste the metatag into the template.

One word of warning. There may be situations were you lose the metatags and will have to reinsert them. The same technique should work for the Yahoo site manager as well.

We were using the atom feed for the google webmaster tools of   There wasn’t any easily found documentation on the site feed name. Through some simple trial and error, we found that the site feed was simply  or, as it looks in webmaster tools /atom.xml.

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  • That's great information. People should not neglect the use of meta tags in their blogs, as it increases your website's visibility on the net.

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