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HP laserjet pro 1102w runaway printing.

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I just purchased an HP laserjet pro 1102w wireless laser printer.  The pros are that it comes with a 700 page starter cartridge, it’s wireless and it has an ‘easy’ network install.

HOWEVER… listen up you HP folks… Tell your moron ‘programmers’ that WHEN I ASK TO PRINT ONE PAGE, I  WANT ONE FREAKING PAGE.. NOT A FREAKING ENDLESS PRINT JOB..

I set the printer up for wireless printing and did the ‘smart install’. That seems like a really good idea. You simply browse to the printer with your web browser and select the ‘smart install’ tab (ie type the ip address of the printer into your browser address bar). The printer then installs the proper software on your computer.

I did that for my Windows Vista Home Premium Machine.. What happened was that sending ANY print job resulted in the print job being endlessly duplicated until the machine ran out of paper and you cleared the print job from the printer dialog on your machine.

I had my son run a test from his machine which is also a windows vista home premium machine. He had also installed from the ‘smart install’.  Guess what… RUNAWAY PRINTING…

So, half of a freaking forest later, I’m still having the problem. I got the snow shovel and emptied the office of the paper that the 1102w (for whacko) printer spewed out. After some research, I found an HP document that gives a clue as to how to fix it. The answer is

  1. go to the control panel and printers
  2. right click on the hp 1102w
  3. Select properties
  4.  Select the “ports” tab
  5. Uncheck ‘enable bidirectional printing”
Bi-directional printing????  What in flying tarnation are they smoking??? Bi-directional printing is a throwback to the 1980’s… It was designed to speed up DOT MATRIX printers. Instead of the carriage doing nothing when it returned, it printed the next line on the way back… THIS IS A LASER PRINTER HP… A FREAKING LASER PRINTER… THERE IS NO STEENKING CARRIAGE.
OK, now that we have unchecked bi-freaking-directional support, we have a printer that will print one freaking page and only one freaking page when you ask for one freaking page… Sheeeeshhhh it shouldn’t be this hard.

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2 Responses to HP laserjet pro 1102w runaway printing.

  • Thanks for the info!

  • Hi
    We have the same problem here, found this by googling
    When my client told me that the printer won't stop printing I said he was nuts, but no!, now.. now in HELL the HP ppl didn't check this!
    I only do smart install on one PC, the rest where installed manually, and there the problem does not exist.
    Once I had access to the printer via IP, I set it to Fixed IP Address and then preform the manual install, and everything went fine, so it's something related to the automatic install.
    as you said what the hell has to do bidirectional printing with printing endless sheets of papers hehe, ridiculous. 🙂
    thanks for the note, it was very helpful.

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