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Changing the required icon for Fabrik forms in Joomla from an envelope to a star

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Our sites are now built in Joomla using Fabrik for form management.

A client wanted the email required icon  to have a red star similar to the ‘is not empty’ icon when using validations.

The icons for the icon images live in /media/com_fabrik/images  .   The two files are required.png and emal.gif. required is a red star and email is a small envelope.

We fired up photoshop and downloaded the two files. We created a new email icon with the same name of email.gif. After uploading the icon to the original folder an overwriting the fabrik email.gif icon, we were almost there.

The email icon ends up very close to the label. We got around this easily by changing the label to “Email   .” In other words, the label, a few spaces and a dot. Since there won’t be many email fields in a normal site, then this should not be too much of a problem.

One could also simply convert the required.png to a gif file named email.gif and get similar results. The difference is that the email validation would result in simply a red star without the envelope for an icon.

I’ve provided our modified email.gif file below. You may copy and use it if you like.

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