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Large store ruins man’s life after he bought a phone in for repair.

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I know that many of our clients and potential clients are lured by the promises of “cheap” technology consulting by some of the larger chains. Claims such as “We’ll rid your computer of viruses for only $49” sound great. Especially considering that it can take us several hours to do a thorough job.

The important issue is that whenever you allow someone to work with your computers or phones, you are allowing them to access your most personal data including photos, emails, account information and more.

The gentleman referenced in the article brought his phone to a Best Buy for service. Allegedly, one of the employees used his facebook account on his phone to post “I am gay and coming out” on his Facebook wall. The results were devastating.

This isn’t the only case of something going wrong with the major chains. A chain employee on a house call allegedly set up a camera to record a woman in her shower.

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