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Quickbooks 2010 Printing and PDF’ing screwed up

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My copy of intuit’s quickbooks 2010 is still screwed up for printing and Pdf’ing. I reinstalled 2010 with the latest R17 release.

I went through numerous attempts to fix the issue including Intuit’s “PDF Repair Tool”. I won’t even post a link to that piece of useless junk that would be better named “Intuit’s tool to waste your time”

The situation now is that any attempt to send an invoice screws up the hard copy printing as well.

I found that I can get my hard copy printing back on my Windows 7 64 bit machine by going to

C:Program DataIntuitQuickbooks 2010 and deleting the files beginning with QBPRINT.QBP (You might want to rename them instead)..

It also seems that I can print to my PDF Creator and then manually email invoices to my clients. I had a couple who were paying through the Intuit payment network so now that is screwed.

Thanks Intuit for wasting about 4 hours of my life. Maybe you ought to do some housecleaning and find developers who understand that PRINTING and PDF’ING invoices **** MIGHT*** be important to users of your “Accounting Software”..

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