Centering Tables in Joomla with an Artisteer Template

Last Updated on December 1, 2019 by Christopher G Mendla

Yes, I know.. Tables are deprecated.. However, they can be useful in certain cases.

I’ve always had trouble getting a table that was less than full width to center. Setting the alignment to “Center” in the table properties box (JCE)  never seemed to work.. Well, that is because artisteer works with CSS.

The solution was simple. All you need to do is set the left and right margins.. So, if your table is 75% wide, you can set a left margin of 10% and a right margin of 15%.

To do this, go to the advanced tab of the table properties dialog in JCE. Then look for “STYLE”.. In that field, enter width: 75%; margin-left: 10%;

That should give you some control over a less than full width table. Keep in mind that this needs to be thoroughly tested to see if it is responsive for mobile devices.

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