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Server Problem, Please try later error with Google + Locations on Samsung S3 – SOLVED

I use the location sharing on Google + Locations.  My Samsung Galaxy S III started giving an error of “Server problem – please try later” when I tried to update locations.

If I rebooted the phone, it seemed to give me  a fresh location but then went right back to the error.

Google + locations was working fine on my Nexus 7.

I found a temporary solution in removing the Google + updates and setting Google + back to the device default. I went into settings, applications, Google +. There should be an option to uninstall updates. Once I did that , Google + went back to it’s old interface but it was now working and updating locations properly.

See my post at How to fix the Can’t Connect error with Google + (running on a Samsung Galaxy S3)   You also need to disable updates for google +

UPDATE – Jan 2018. Given that most android devices have been updated several times since this issue it is most likely no longer relevant.

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