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Chrome’s new bookmarks function misses the mark (Apr 2015) – SOLVED

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I have folders set up in chrome so that I can put sites grouped by topic such as “Morning reading” in a folder. I can then go to the bookmarks bar and open all tabs in a new window. That way, all of my morning reading sites come up in a new window.

Well Guess what?  The genius engineers at Google ‘improved’ the bookmarks function. However, as of April 23, 2015, there is now way to easily put a bookmark directly into a folder..

This is just one other thing, along with the third rate rollout of the Lollipop update for the Nexus tablets, that make me think Google is loosing it. They aren’t even doing basic beta testing with their products.

Hopefully the ‘engineers’ at google will get their act together on this.


Update – Ok, I see how you get to the sub folders when you are bookmarking a site – Look for the ‘>’ and use that to navigate through the folder structure in your bookmarks.

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