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Free (well mostly free) online mind mapping

I came across a free online mind mapping tool.

The tool can be found at

You can use this type of tool for a number of things. It can help spark creative thinking.

You start out with a box for your central idea, something like “Increase sales” You can then add nodes in a hierarchical fashion. You can apply color to nodes and also move the nodes around as your concept develops. The idea is to help you visualize and organize a situation.

You have several choices for saving your file.


  • You can save a local, editable copy on your hard drive
  • You can save the the file on mindup’s free storage. The file has a random name but is public ally accessible.
  • You can save it to Mindup’s paid storage which offers more privacy at a reasonable price.
  • If you have a Google Drive account, you can save it to your Google Drive.
  • plus a number of other options.
The file can also be exported to other formats such as PDFs or PNGs.
Maps can also be converted into storyboards.
The result is a powerful, free online tool to help spark creativity.

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