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Good article on Windows 10 from HowtoGeek

HowToGeek published and  article that made me rethink Windows 10.  My original objection to Windows 10 was that the home version would force updates with no opt out option.   The article states that the update process would be ‘like chrome’.   In other words, the updates would not be the same as the current Windows update process. That might mean that the update process isn’t as much of a roadblock as I originally thought.

Here are the Pros and Cons of migrating to Windows 10 as I see them now (and that will probably change)


  • Microsoft claims that the update will be free for a year and that they will not make the updates subscription bases (i.e. no future charges to run Windows 10)
  • The move seems to be to get the entire world on one platform. That means that the lifetime of the older OS’s will be limited
  • Any time there is a new technology, there are risks for early innovators. Sometimes it takes a while for the bugs to be worked out.
  • Support for Windows 10 will be based on hardware compatibility. This means that at some point, your hardware will be obsolete and will no longer be viable.
Other considerations
  • I have some clients who are desperately clinging to Windows XP. What I envision is that software developers will begin moving to writing specifically for Windows 10 and backward compatibility with older OSs will fade rapidly.
UPDATE Dec 2017. Windows XP is well past it’s end of life. It would be negligent to keep such an unsecureable operating system in your network.

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